Success Stories

Live911 deployments benefiting Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices across America

In The First 30 Days We Saved 3 Lives

Sheriff Grady Judd says, “ Live911 is a remarkable tool that has helped us to arrive at emergencies quicker and save lives. It’s a game changer!”

- Fox13, Tampa Bay

4 Orlando Area Teens Arrested in Polk County while Committing Car Burglaries

The quick arrests were made possible due to a witness who saw the suspects in action and reported it immediately and by the use of the Live911 system used by PCSO deputies, which allowed them to hear the actual 911 call as it was happening.

- The Daily Ridge

When Officers Listen Live

One example of how livestreaming 911 calls have changed officer response was during a recent call to report a drowning. The caller was understandably hysterical and could not provide an address. Officers hear the 911 call and could see precisely where the caller was located and responded immediately, before the call was even aired.

- PSC (Public Safety Communications)

Chula Vista Police Use Drone to Help Arrest Teen in Shooting

Officers who were livestreaming incoming 911 calls deployed a drone to the area. Using the camera on the drone, an officer was able to watch the suspect, carrying a handgun, exit a car and walk from the area.

- The San Diego Union-Tribune

CVPD Meets Goals for Police Responses to Priority One Emergency Calls

It's been 10 years since we met our priority one response times... We have Live911 where our officers can geofence in their particular beat and listen to incoming 911 calls and they can make better decisions to respond and get there quicker. The time saved can matter when someone’s life is at risk.

- Good Morning San Diego

Clovis Police Arrest Early Morning Hot Prowl Burglary Suspect in North Clovis

Live911 played an integral part in the response to this call. Officers were able to hear the live 911 call as they were responding and knew it was the real deal... When officers arrived, they said they found David Hernandez on the side of the home attempting to pry a door open using a 10-inch hunting knife.


Clovis Police Department delivers a new level of efficiency with Live911

Livestreaming emergency 911 calls to first responders increases situational awareness and significantly improves response times.

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Polk County Sheriff's Office utilizes Live911's advanced geofencing capabilities

PCSO uses Live911’s polygonal map overlays to configure geofence territories within its 2,010 square mile jurisdiction area.


Mesa Police Department's New Real Time Crime Center Deploys Live911

RTCC leverages innovative livestreaming technology to improve operational intelligence and enable officers to respond faster.

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Chula Vista Police Department enhances drone as first responder program with Live911

CVPD leverages Live911 and new drone technology to provide officers with more information to make better-informed decisions.

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