Livestream 911 calls directly to officers in the field for faster response times and improved situational awareness

Photo courtesy of Anaheim Police Department

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Live911 provides cops with the ability to respond much more quickly and hear firsthand from the person who’s calling. We’ve had plenty of situations where lives have been saved because of it.

– Sheriff Bob Gualtieria, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Enable officers in the field to hear 911 emergency calls from their vehicles in real time and identify precise caller location.


Winston-Salem Police Department

WSPD allows officers in the field to hear 911 emergency calls within their geographic beats as it comes into the communications center.

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With Live911, Patrol Officers Can:

  • Listen to calls in real time

  • Suspend streaming

  • Dismiss calls

  • Rewind live audio

  • Ask for more details via radio

  • See location of other officers


Alliance Police Department

Live911 is helping officers respond to emergencies faster and with more detailed information to improve outcomes.

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See how Live911 can revolutionize your department’s first-response capabilities

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