Live911 provides first responders with more data to respond quicker, de-escalate dangerous situations, and save lives

Photo courtesy of Chula Vista Police Department

First-ever technology

There is no faster way to have immediate situational awareness on an incident than to hear the actual 911 call in real time. Short of being there, how else could you get information sooner? Live911 allows first responders to hear the 911 calls as they occur. This capability has never been possible before.

Imagine the value of hearing the sense of urgency and all of the other small, but critical, details that often are not entered into CAD by the 911 call taker. Now, officers can move toward emergencies immediately, hear live updates, identify precise location of the caller, and be on the scene faster – possibly before the call is even dispatched.

Photo courtesy of Chula Vista Police Department

Powered by HigherGround

HigherGround develops solution-based software that captures, stores, and retrieves telecommunications and radio data from interactions throughout an organization. The user-friendly applications allow quick access to recordings, reporting, and analytics, enabling reduced search time, rapid incident reconstruction, efficient quality auditing, and trend analysis.

HigherGround’s recording and incident reconstruction solution, Capture911, has been deployed in thousands of public safety organizations. HigherGround’s Live911 software is the industry’s first and only patented technology to securely livestream 911 emergency calls directly to first responders and provide precise GPS map location of the caller.

United States Patent No. 11,206,327
Australia Patent No. 2022204446
Canada Patent No. 3,156,945
Mexico Patent No. 399784
New Zealand Patent No. 788400

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