Livestream 911 calls to patrol officers, real time crime centers, drone as first responder programs, and fire departments


In emergency response every second matters.
Reach your priority 1 target response time goals with Live911.

  • Hear 911 calls at the same
    time as call taker

  • See precise caller location
    displayed on map

  • Receive immediate situation
    updates and location changes

  • Provide quicker response

  • Receive more information
    to de-escalate situations

  • Enhance existing call-taker
    and dispatcher protocols

Live911 technology is making an impact and improving operations
across the public safety industry.

Enable officers to hear emergency calls from their vehicles in real time and identify precise caller location.

Leverage advanced technology to harness information and intelligence to help communities fight crime.

Send a drone on the scene before the call-for-service can be viewed in CAD or heard over the radio.

Stream emergency calls into fire stations to improve response times and increase situational awareness.

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In the first 30 days we saved 3 lives. Live911 is a remarkable tool that has helped us to arrive at emergencies quicker and save lives. It’s a game changer.

- Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County Sheriff’s Office

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We were able to meet our priority one response time goals for the first time in 10 years. Live911 allows our officers to set a geofence in their particular beat, listen to incoming calls and get there a lot quicker.

- Chief Roxana Kennedy, Chula Vista Police Department

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Live911 is true to form. We get the information in real time and can get a jump on a call for service. I recommend all RTCC managers vet Live911 for feasibility in your operation.

- Jamie Hudson, Former Real-Time Information Center Manager, Elk Grove Police Department

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We are always looking for new ways to fulfill our mission of providing professional, high quality, and effective police services. The addition of groundbreaking technology like Live911 has already saved lives and given our officers a head start to emergencies when seconds count.

- Chief Brandon Gurley, Brookhaven Police Department

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Police dispatchers are, and will always remain, a critical link in police response. Yet, livestreaming 911 calls directly to officers is filling a missing link between the citizen, dispatcher, and officer.

- Carla Even, Police Communications Manager, Chula Vista Police Department

As seen in

Live911 Tech Talk presented by HigherGround

Livestreaming 911 Calls Empowers Elk Grove Police Department's Real-Time Information Center

In this Tech Talk, Elk Grove PDs RTIC Manager Jamie Hudson shared:

  • Best practices for establishing a Real-Time Information Center
  • How to leverage advanced technology to harness information and intelligence
  • The philosophy of real-time policing
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