Livestream 911 calls directly to first responders for improved situational awareness and faster response times

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In emergency response every second matters. Live911 bridges the gap between a 911 caller and officers in the field with distance-aware real time monitoring.

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    Hear 911 calls at the same
    time as call taker

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    See precise caller location
    displayed on map

  • Alert Icon

    Receive immediate situation
    updates and location changes

  • Stopwatch Icon

    Provide quicker
    response times

  • Conversation Icon

    Receive more information
    to de-escalate situations

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    Easily integrate with existing
    call-response protocol

New technology allows first responders to hear 911 emergency calls in real-time and immediately identify caller location.

Photo of Fritz Reber
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Live911 compliments existing dispatch operations giving first responders all the information available at the earliest possible moment. I’m proud to have worked with HigherGround to turn my vision into a reality.

- Fritz Reber, retired Police Captain and Live911 visionary

Photo of Chief Roxana Kennedy
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Live911 is critical right now as we evaluate the challenges law enforcement is facing. This tool assists officers by providing them with more data to make better informed decisions, to respond quicker, de-escalate dangerous situations and to save people’s lives.

- Chief Roxana Kennedy, Chula Vista Police Department

Photo of Lt. Jim Munro
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We’ve never had the opportunity in my 22 years to listen in the car to 911 calls live as they come in. This has significantly reduced our response times and provided a lot more details about the incidents.

- Lt. Jim Munro, Clovis Police Department

Photo of Captain Greg Goreck
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The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has always strived to embrace cutting edge technology, to see how we can do things better, and to get accurate real-time information to our officers in the field. Live911 allows us to do that.

- Captain Greg Goreck, Polk County Sheriff's Office

The current national conversation is focusing on how officers can make better decisions and improve de-escalation skills. Live911 is law enforcement’s potential game-changer for responding to 911 calls.

Watch Commanders and EOC Centers

  • Instant awareness of hot spots
  • Increase situational awareness
  • Direct resources appropriately

Communication Centers and DFR Programs

  • Augment communication with field units
  • Enhance quality of response
  • Strengthen dispatch and patrol bond


  • Ability to communicate with officers
  • Provide accurate info to first responder
  • Diffuse caller's frustration

Coffee Break presented by Police Magazine

How Livestreaming 911 Calls Makes Officers More Effective and Efficient

In this Coffee Break video, POLICE Editor David Griffith speaks with Captain Don Redmond of the Chula Vista Police Department about:

  • How livestreaming 911 calls directly to officers in the field improves response times
  • Providing first responders with critical information leads to better outcomes and even saves lives
  • Real-world examples from Live911 deployments in police departments and sheriff’s offices across the country
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