Improve Outcomes and Save Lives with Live911

Increase situational awareness and faster response times by livestreaming 911 calls directly to first responders.

In emergency response every second matters. Live911 bridges the gap between a 911 caller and officers in the field with distance-aware real time monitoring.

Hear 911 calls at the same time as call taker

Receive more information to de-escalate situations

Reduce response times

Keep officers safe

Save lives in your community

Integrate with existing protocols

Success Stories eBook

Leveraging data and adopting new technologies can help officers obtain more information to make better-informed decisions, respond more quickly, and save people’s lives. In this eBook, you will learn about three public safety agencies that have deployed Live911 and its impact:

  • Polk County Sheriff’s Office saved 3 lives in the first 30 days
  • Chula Vista Police Department reached targeted response time goal for first time in 10 years
  • Clovis Police Department delivers a new level of efficiency with game-changing technology

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