Live911 in Action: Anaheim Police Department's Game-Changing Experience

See the Future of Emergency Response Technology

Discover the transformative power of Live911 through the eyes of the Anaheim Police Department. Our video case study showcases real-life scenarios where Live911 made a critical difference. Witness how our technology dramatically improved response times and on-scene awareness in critical situations

In emergency response every second matters. Live911 bridges the gap between a 911 caller and officers in the field with distance-aware real time monitoring.

Hear 911 calls at the same time as call taker

See precise caller location
displayed on map

Receive immediate situation
updates and location changes

Provide quicker
response times

Receive more information
to de-escalate situation

Easily integrate with existing
call-response protocol

Transform Your Emergency Response

Ready to see how Live911 can revolutionize your department’s first response capabilities?

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